Orthopedic workshop for Joytown in Kenya

21 June 2017
Students in Joytown. Students in Joytown.

In Kijabe, located in Kenia, Bethany Kids has founded a boarding school for children with a physical impairment. De school is fully adjusted to the needs of her students, offering physiotherapy and other revalidation treatments. More than 80 students have Spina Bifida or Hydrocephalus. That’s why, for many years, Child-Help has been supporting the staff with trainings and donating material for the children.

The students of Joytown are in need of assistive devices such as wheelchairs, crutches, or prostheses and adapted shoes. Up till now, these aids have always been ordered from different places throughout Kenia and often take ages to get to the school. In addition, as the children are in full development, the devices need constant adjustment to their growing and changing bodies. Because of this times consuming process of sending the device back and forth, the student is often without any tools, resulting in the deterioration of the revalidation process.

To respond to the needs of these students, Child-Help decided to work together with Bethany Kid’s to build an orthopaedic workshop in the middle of the school. In this way, the necessary materials can be manufactured and adapted on the spot, with direct feedback from the student. Not only will this reduce the waiting time, it also decreases the cost. This month, the first phase of the workshop has been completed (cf before and after pictures). We are looking forward to the finalization of the workshop and the first assistive devices that will be manufactured within the school. 

Before 1 Before the renovation.

After 1After the renovation.

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