Good news for our children in Khartoum

07 November 2018
Mrs. Ahlam Hassan El Naiem (IPPF) and Abdalla Mohammed Abdoun (SBFA) Mrs. Ahlam Hassan El Naiem (IPPF) and Abdalla Mohammed Abdoun (SBFA)

Child-Help supports already many years the Spina Bifida association of Sudan (SBFA). This support group of parents fights for better access to treatment and care in Sudan. The 5th of November Mrs. Ahlam Hassan El Naiemrepresenting the Khartoum branch of the Sudan Family Planning Association ( IPPF) signed an agreement to collaborate with SBFA in the care of our children. SBFA can organize spina bifida clinics in the IPPF premises, and they will collaborate in mobile clinics, training, awareness, advocacy and counseling. On the 8th of November a first awareness workshop is organized. 

On top of this then Sudan Family Planning Association (SFPA) Khartoum Branch certifies that Spina Bifida Federal Association is hosted within its premises in Eltaif Block 22 Badr Street.

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