Workshop on prevention and care of Spina Bifida in Sudan

11 November 2018

On the 8thof November the Spina Bifida association of Sudan conducted with SFPA a successful workshop on prevention and care of Spina Bifida. More than 20 participants came represented the civil society, community leaders, midwives, nurses, youth, women union, doctors, chairman of Eritrean community in Sudan and the police,. Doctor Najla presented the main lecture and answered all questions. 

The following recommendations came out:

  1. 1. Support of children and their families.
  2. 2. Awareness about folic acid and its importance. 
  3. 3. Awareness about taking care of the children, rehabilitation and psychological needs 
  4. 3. The role of the media and the need of good printed material to spread the message on prevention. 
  5. 4.Expand the campaigns to remote areas in Khartoum.
  6. 5. The need of a good database and proper statistics about SB/H
  7. 6.Train 300 midwives to strengthen the prevention campaign. 
  8. 7. Build partnership with community police because they cover wide area and they promised to carry this task. 
  9. 8. Utilizing all clinics and offices of all participants to educate the communities. All institutions present have committed themselves. 

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