Child-help projects meet 6 of the 17 SDG objectives

22 March 2019

Objective # 1: Poverty: 

Due to malnutrition there is a direct link between the causes of Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus and poverty. In addition, having a child with a disability causes many additional costs and therefore also this can result in poverty.

Mothers often cannot work a regular job due to the time spent on the care of her disabled child.

The Houses of Hope assist them by providing an income that can be combined with the care of a child (for example needlework or the bee project).

Child-Help also contributes to make healthcare financially accessible for its target group.

Objective # 3: Health and well-being

After surgery, aftercare in the House of Hope is essential and contributes to health education. Incontinence training is started and helps prevent kidney failure and bedsores.

Objective # 4: High-quality education

Through a continence management program most children will be socially dry. This will facilitate their integration and education.

Objective # 5: Gender quality

The largest target group is mothers and their children with Spina Bifida. Many of them are rejected by their own families and are blamed for the disability of their child. In the House of Hope they meet and are supported by receiving correct information about the cause of the disability. They are also taught how to involve the family in the care of their child.

Objective # 10: Reduction of inequality

Translating our high-tech care and knowledge to what is available in the South reduces the inequality in care between the North and South.

Objective # 17: Partnership to achieve objectives

Child-Help stimulates and facilitates a South-South exchange. All projects work together with self-help groups which up to now were non-existent. Child-Help supports the creation of these groups. Child-Help is member of PUSH (People united with Spina bifida and hydrocephalus), cooperates with many stakeholders in care and partners of IF, the International network of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus associations.

We help children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus in the global South

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