Zambia: Specialist Services as close to the community!

28 August 2019

The UTH Neurosurgery team of Lusaka is visiting the Kasama General Hospital to offer Technical support in the management of Hydrocephalus patients. They had a fruitful day in the Capital of the Northern Province that included mentoring inspired young Intern doctors and Clinical officers, doing surgeries. “The hunger for knowledge of our doctors delighted me”. Prof. Dr. Kachinga  said. “The General Hospital has high levels of discipline amongst the staff and the wards are very clean”.This trip, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health Technical Support Program, is meant to bring Specialist Services as close to the community as possible. General Surgeon Brian Lombe Chibosha will anchor the Hydrocephalus program in the Northern Province and will be assisted by young Intern Dr Musyani Simukonde, who is keen to pursue Neurosurgery. Our patients won't have to make long trips to Lusaka for operations and for their reviews anymore.

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