Child-Help supports Ukraine

13 September 2019
Dr Horn (left) trains the team in Ternopil Dr Horn (left) trains the team in Ternopil

Ukraine: At the request of the OPE (Ukraine Project Edegem), Child-Help visited this war-ridden country in the summer of 2016. It took a while before we came to a collaboration. But in the end this was the start of an active self-help group and a continence management project in the city of Ternopil. In 2018, the municipality of Edegem supported this project financially. Experts from Ternopil traveled to Bratislava where Dr. Frantisek Horn and his spina bifida team have trained the Ukrainian experts at the children's hospital. Dr. Horn also traveled to Ternopil himself to improve the situation on site and to coach the team. Child-Help has also contributed to the neurosurgical service by providing shunts for children who would otherwise not be able to finance it. 

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