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Do you want to organise something to raise funds for Child-Help?

A dinner or a barbecue?

A pub quiz or a karaoke evening?

A sporting event?

Any other amazing initiative?

You are supporting a child with spina bifida or hydrocephalus in the South. Your gift enables us to ensure the provision of medical materials or surgery, allowing the child to grow up to become a fully-fledged member of society.

Tell us your ideas and we will gladly assist you.

Some examples:

  • WICO campus Sint-Maria Neerpelt in Belgium collected €5000 euro through a plethora of initiatives.

  • Zjuul Devens, visual artist and volunteer for Child-Help, has been manning an information booth on the ‘Wereldfeest’ Neerpelt in Belgium for many years.

  • Shana Van Looveren, a performing artist, sold several of her creations to support Child-Help.

  • Lynn Van Looveren, aka Creatievelynn, an all-around warm-hearted miracle of needlecraft, sold handmade mouth masks to support Child-Help. Through ‘De Warmste Week’, during 2020, we made handmade and sustainable panty liners for girls with spina bifida. Lynn supported us by allowing free use of her own designs for the duration of this event.

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