Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

As a result of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, thousands of people were buried under the rubble, and tens of thousands were injured.

It is freezing cold, there is no electricity, no food, no clean water, no heating, no medical equipment and no blankets. Everything is missing.

Our Turkish partners have now asked Child-Help for urgent help. They are on the ground with a task force. Our pediatric neurosurgeon Eylem Öcal is already on her way to the disaster area with medical equipment.

Many children there have suffered brain trauma and paraplegia and need specialist medical help quickly. Among them are many girls and boys who were previously impaired.

Child-Help will support the humanitarian assistance of our Turkish partners. They will be on the ground long time after the camera’s will have left the disaster area. Because aftercare for the people who survived the earthquakes will be needed for a very long time.

Please support us with an emergency donation of 30, 50 or even 100 euros. Every euro counts.

In this devastating natural disaster, every minute counts. Please don't hesitate and help today. Your donation can make THE difference!

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