In Uganda, we work with the CURE hospital in Mbale. This hospital was opened in 2000. Co-workers of Child-Help were there from the start of this beautiful project and found funding that made endoscopic surgery possible. Each year they operate on more than 1000 children.

Our hospital in Mbale now trains surgeons from the whole world in endoscopic surgery which makes shunting superfluous for 70 % of the children. This is an enormous and very real improvement in the life quality of our children.

Because children from all over the country come to our hospital, the follow-up is done regionally. The hospital does the follow-up in four locations, spread over the country.

In Uganda we work together with CBR ((Community Based Rehabilitation)) projects in Kampala (Katalemwa Cheshire Homes), in Mbarara (OURS), in Gulu (AVSI), and with several regional parent groups. They make house visits and besides medical follow-up, they also provide for other important aspects, as integration in the community, schooling, mobility, and tools.

Ten Years AT CURE Uganda from CURE