To a child raised in poverty and suffering from spina bifida or hydrocephalus, your support makes an enormous difference. After all, it is your donation that provides medical materials or surgery. Doing so improves the quality of life significantly and gives the child the opportunity to grow up to become a fully-fledged member of society.

€ 20

1 year’s supply of materials for continence

You provide a child during a year with materials for continence.

With the right type of material for continence, children with spina bifida remain dry and free of infections and this enables them to build a proper social life by allowing them to go to school and allowing them to play with their friends.

€ 47

1 shunt

You provide a child with a shunt.

A shunt is a simple implant for children with hydrocephalus, draining cerebral fluids to the abdominal cavity. This implant is necessary for a live-saving operation.

€ 120

1 surgery

You pay for the expenses of an endoscopic surgery.

A surgeon uses an endoscope to make a small opening in one of the ventricles of the brain of a child with hydrocephalus, allowing the built-up fluids to drain and to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

It is practically impossible to start life for children with spina bifida or hydrocephalus living in the South.

Support them - for everyone has the right to a humane existence.

Help children to have a worthwhile life.