Geert Van Hove and Lieven Bauwens talk about the importance of family

Prof. Dr. Geert Van Hove explains why family is vital for children born with a disability. He also elaborates on the research ‘Obuntu Bulamu’, done by Femke Bannink together with Child-Help in Uganda.

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Ronald van Ham and Lieven Bauwens about the magic of a “Can do attitude” [Dutch]

Ronald Van Ham, a member of Team Scheire, narrates a fascinating tale about how people use their aids to realize things beyond their wildest dreams.

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Wivina Demeester and Pierre Mertens talk about the politics of care [Dutch]

Infused with juicy political and personal anecdotes Wivina Demeester narrates how she used her political commitment throughout the years to shape a policy for people with disabilities.

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